30th March 2015
Jordan breaks own record in China
Posted 06 May, 2010

Jordan breaks own record in China

CHAPELTOWN boy, Jordan Ramos, 14, continues to go from strength to strength as he increases his Guinness World Record for the longest slam dunk from a trampoline, this time on Chinese TV. The local lad who is a tumbling gymnast for the GB Team was flown out especially to perform and be interviewed on the biggest TV channel in China 'CCTV' to a viewing audience of half a billion people.

It was only in April of this year when Jordan appeared on Blue Peter to increase his distance by travelling 7.15 metres.

With a massive studio audience and half a billion people watching from their homes in China, Jordan managed to increase His 7.15 metres distance to 7.30 metres, which was no easy task.

Jordan commented: “I can honestly say that China is the most amazing place that I've been to and performed in up until now!

“I managed to fit in a visit to the Forbidden City and Tiananman Square before appearing on the TV show with my father and coach, Marcelo de Ramos.

“To be invited by the producers of CCTV to go to such an amazing country and perform on the biggest TV channel in China was a real honour!

“With some of the money I earned from the show I bought myself a brand new computer and the rest of the money I put away in the bank.

“When I perform and do TV appearances I always save my money because after I finish doing my GCSEs and A levels I want to attend one of the best acting schools in London and the fees are very expensive.”

Jordan is no stranger to working on TV. Having made numerous appearances on shows such as BBC Sportsround, the BBC Breakfast Show, ITV's Britain's Got Talent and Sky1's Guinness World Records Smashed.

Jordan's Mum, Anita Ramos said: “Jordan is a very talented and focused young man and although I consider him to be very lucky having been given so many opportunities at such a young age, I feel that he deserves all of them as he always puts 100% into everything he does.

“It's just great to watch him perform live in places such as Pinewood Studios and at the O2 Arena and It's seems to come natural to him performing to large audiences and being in front of a camera. I'm extremely proud of him and all his achievements!”

Jordan's next big event is to attend an Honorary Award Ceremony with British Gymnastics after he and his three team mates brought back a European Silver Medal from Bulgaria for the GB Team at the end of March of this year.

Jordan will be awarded with a special diploma on June 13 at a prestigious venue in Warwickshire to celebrate his success in the sport.

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