31st March 2015
Boy wonder dreams of Olympic success
Posted 29 September, 2009

Boy wonder dreams of Olympic success
A SIX-year-old daredevil from Chapeltown is following in his big brother’s footsteps with dreams of becoming an Olympic champion.
Little Samuel Ramos has been taking tips from older brother Jordan, 14, a Guinness World Record holder and four-times tumbling gymnastics champion.
Talented Samuel has stunned onlookers with twists, flips and tricks usually reserved for elite gymnasts, and has been revered in the national press.
Now the youngster is determined to enter the London 2012 Olympics – despite the fact that he will only be nine years old when they roll around.
Mum Anita Ramos said: “He's too young for London – but as far as he's concerned, he's going!”
She added: “From the moment Samuel could walk, he was trying to copy his big brother Jordan and never wanted to be doing simple gymnastics like the other little tots.  
“In the last six months, Samuel has developed into a phenomenal trampoline gymnast and is performing moves way beyond his tender years. Everyone at the club is gobsmacked by his unbelievable progress.”
There was little doubt that Samuel would grow up to be a talented athlete, given his sporty genes.
Mum Anita is a professional dancer and dad Marcelo, who coaches the boys, is an accomplished stuntman.
For more information on the family, visit http://fittestfamily.com

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